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Tsuru is a powerful and flexible open-source Platform as a Service (PaaS) focused on developer productivity. It empowers developers to shift their attention from the tricky and error-prone responsibility of maintaining the infrastructure to focus on what truly matters to the business: software development.

By leveraging Tsuru, app developers experience the following benefits:

  1. Your stack, your rules. Tsuru offers a curated list of platforms natively however it does not force them. App developers can choose wisely the best programming language or framework for their business.

  2. Fast, reliable, and continuous deployment. Tsuru delivers a fast and reliable deployment process that enables developers to adopt continuous delivery practices. This streamlined process reduces the time and effort required for releasing new application versions.

  3. Autoscaling. Grow dynamically the application to meet the demand - saving the allocated resources on periods with low application usage.

  4. Native integration with managed cloud services. App developers can maximize cloud provider usage by seamlessly integrating their applications with external services (maybe cloud-managed service) such as databases, message brokers, object storage, and more.

  5. Multi-cloud support. Tsuru supports compatibility with multiple cloud providers, providing developers the freedom to choose their preferred infrastructure. Seamlessly deploy applications across different regions on cloud platforms or adopt a hybrid approach for enhanced resilience and availability.

  6. No vendor-locking. Tsuru projects are open-source software released under the 3rd-Clause BSD license. Furthermore, all external components/dependencies also are maintained by the open-source community (each one released under its own license). There is no proprietary code/solution involved.