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Managing teams


Its the main way of managing group of users as they work on related projects

Creating a team

tsuru team create <TEAM>

Not possible yet

Managing team members

With a team created, you can add/remove users to this team by managing users roles/permissions.

Adding members

tsuru role assign <ROLE> <USER@EMAIL.COM> <TEAM>

Not possible yet

Removing members

tsuru role remove <ROLE> <USER@EMAIL.COM>

Not possible yet

Team quota

Teams have a quota related to the total number of units all apps/jobs under this team management are able to have. You can check and change those values as needed

Checking quota

tsuru team quota view <TEAM>

Not possible yet

Changing quota

tsuru team quota change <TEAM> <NEW-LIMIT>

Not possible yet

Removing a team

If a team is no longer needed you can remove it with the following

tsuru team remove <TEAM>

Not possible yet